WPC Approval (Wireless Planning & Coordination ) 

WPC mandates certification for wireless devices to be marketed in India (Applicable for both imported and local). There are various WPC office in India at major cities. The customer, who wishes to obtain WPC for devices with radio, needs to provide the following:

  • Either FCC or ETSI Test report for Product with Radio which shows the Radio test results
  • The testing must have been conducted in a ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Laboratory
  • Need the test laboratory's accreditation certificate copy
  • User Manual / Technical Literature / Data Sheet
  • Completed application form (We can help complete the same based on the test report, user manual and technical information)
Once the certificate is issued, the local importer also need to apply for obtaining an import license. The process of obtaining the WPC certification will be anywhere between 1 week to 1 month.

What is ETA (Equipment Type Approval)

ETA (equipment Type approval) is the Type approval for equipment’s given by WPC(Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing) for the use of equipment’s in the Indian Telecom Network.

Requirements of Documents:-
  • Complete filled Performa application•
  • Technical literature/specification of the equipment.•
  • Application should be signed by the authorized signatory•
  • Radio test reports for all the frequency bands of the equipment for which ETA sought from accredited labs.•
  • Certificate copy of the accredited test lab•
  • Declaration from the manufacturer claiming that the equipment will not operate in any other frequency other than the ETA is sought for.

Application for Equipment Type Approval - Guidelines

  • All equipment’s/devices which work in the de-licenced frequency bands, shall be type approved and designed and constructed in such a manner that the bandwidth of emission, power and other parameters shall conform to the limits specified various notifications in this regard.

  • For outdoor applications, in case the top of Antenna is more than 5 meters beyond the existing roof top, then clearance of this antenna site is required to be approved by the Standing Advisory Committee on Frequency Allocations (SACFA), and clearance obtained accordingly. For this, requisite application is to be submitted separately, using the on-line facility.

  • The application should be submitted along with a complete copy of Radio Test report (RF test report) carried out on the product, from an accredited test laboratory, containing details of the following.

    • a. Measurement of peak radiated power or EIRP
    • b. Measurement of peak power spectral density.
    • c. Measurement of 6dB and 20dB. Bandwidth
    • d. Measurement of frequency range and details of channels
    • e. Measurement showing behavior of edge channels.
    • f. Measurement of spurious/harmonic emissions (conducted and radiated) in different frequency bands.
    • g. Other details such as peak excursion, measurement uncertainty, test set up, details of power settings facility etc.
    • h. Details of antenna systems compatible to be used with the device under test.

  • The above tests are required to be supported by measurement details and relevant spectrum plots indicating the details such as resolution bandwidth, video bandwidth, frequency span, sweep etc.,

  • The Equipment Type Approval shall be granted only to an Indian agency and not in the name of any foreign manufacturer. Hence it also essential to submit a certificate of authorization from the manufacturer, authorizing the Indian agency/counterpart to act on their behalf